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Food Safety

 Registered as a food business with our local council Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council ,Having recently been assessed By are local E.H.O. to be awarded a 5 Star Food rating . This is awarded for Excellence in food Management &Safety Hygiene structure and business management of the company.All of our staff our Fully trained in food safety to comply with legislation and regulations of the safety act. Fresh delights Manage and measure the delivery of our foods to our customers very closely to  follow the Safer Foods Better Business guide ,Having all HACCP AND CCP Controls in place which we review Before every Event we attend .

Our Management and HACCP Control

Allergens Labeling and the law

The introduction of allergen rules in December 2014, means it is a legal requirement for food businesses to provide information about the allergenic ingredients used in the food and drink they serve. fresh delights can  supply information for each item on our menu that contains, as an ingredient, any of the 14 main allergens.

Our Policy

Food waste and our Enviromentle impact. 

As a Company we understand that the food we Waste is filling our Landfill site ,To ensure we are Doing every thing we can to reduce this we have a strong policy in place to reduce reuse any of our left over foods ,Using long life products cooking our foods on a Made to order Basic and to Use Portion control in all areas .Fresh delights encourage recycling were possiable using Crookery and Biodegradable Products ,Having Recycle Bins in Place for our customers and to advise  tThat recycling is the way forward.

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